End-of-Life Doula, Coach or Guide Training

Certified End-of-Life Specialist Program

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Mary L...

I wanted to take a moment to say – “THANK-YOU” for ALL the amazing programs that you put together!!


Bonnie P...

This course completely and amazingly exceeded my expectations. It is such a loving and compassionate approach!


Jennifer I...

I really appreciate your words of wisdom. An extra big thank you for helping to change the mindset around death and improve end-of-life care. 


  • Experiential exercises to better serve and create transformation for your client (and you!)

  • Identify fears, beliefs, and limitations getting in the way of serving

  • Deeply understand the loss experience to build trust, safety, and connection


  • The power of your personal story to inspire people to engage your services

  • Tools, scripts, and resources to easily connect with referral sources (can add to
    your package)

  • Understanding your signature brand of serving and sharing
    your expertise


  • National initiatives on behalf of end-of-life doulas to help promote and educate

  • Deep doula skills and practical business building - a winning combination for success in business

  • On-going support and life access to training material

Your Trainer and Facilitator

Patty is a well-known national trainer, speaker and educator in end-of-life matters and has trained over 20,000 hospice volunteers, staff, end-of-life doulas, caregivers and students.

While spending every day from diagnosis to death with a dear friend, Patty was introduced to the beauty and benefits of hospice. She founded Teaching Transitions and Doing Death Differently, and co-founded Life Path Learners to bring more awareness to end-of-life matters.

Patty was one of seven original founders of National End-of-Life Doula Alliance- (NEDA) in 2018, a membership organization supporting EOL doulas. NEDA has welcomed over 1500 members since its formation. She was also chosen as one of the founding members of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s (NHPCO) End-of-Life Doula Council, which offers education to the NHPCO membership and the general public.

Ms. Burgess is a frequent speaker at state and national organizations on the topic of integrating the end-of-life doula profession into healthcare organizations for greater patient satisfaction and quality outcomes.